C3 Program

C3 is our Complete Comic Care program that can result in higher sales for your comic collection. ICE will take your collection on consignment and using our associates at Looking Glass Comics pressing and cleaning service prepare your comic to be submitted to CGC in the best grade possible. ICE will submit your pressed and cleaned books to CGC for grading and receive them once books have been graded. We do it all. The Complete Comic Care program could bring you more for your collection.

C3 Program Price Guide


Book Value

Price (USD)

Turnaround time 

(from drop-off date)

Tier 1

Modern - $250 or less


34 weeks

Tier 2

All - $500 or less


37 weeks

Tier 3

All - $500-$1250


17 weeks

Tier 4

All - $1250-$3500


13 weeks

Tier 5

All - $3500+

$299.99 min or 3% BV

10 weeks


Please email Jay at  mailbox@icomicexcgange.com for more information.